Who Are We?

Phantasia Consulting is a team of consultants in just about any industry with collectively over 100 years of experience. We provide consulting services to newly founded or established entities to create sustainable business models.

Clients will benefit from the tried and tested managerial, operational, marketing, and administrative systems that have served us well. We also assist to provide strong financial platforms from which the business can execute its technical, operational and marketing capabilities.

Phantasia Consulting has in place a large pool of well trained staff members across the entire hospitality and business sector.  Training, development, marketing and operational acumen, coupled with the abilities execute these plans is our differentiating factor as we have a team that works well together and very purpose driven with many years of experience and a superb track record.  We focus on superior customer service.

Meet The Team

Warren Basel

Warren Basel holds a Bachelor of Commerce: Marketing from University of the Free State and various post graduate qualifications in Financial Planning and Services from reputable universities in South Africa. He has over 30 years of business, marketing and hospitality experience.

Starting out in the hospitality industry by playing music for corporate events and functions moving on to own nightclubs, action bars, restaurants and a hospitality marketing company which was involved with the inception and promotions of the University Of Port Elizabeth RAG functions, Port Elizabeth Technikon RAG functions, various South African Band concerts such as Springbok Nude Girls, Qu Cumba Zoo, Evolver, Watershed, Prime Circle, Parlotones and more.

Warren has been involved in promoting local concerts with international acts such as Whigfield, Night Crawlers, Urban Cookie Collective and Duran Duran.

Warren has run, owned and operated some very successful restaurants in Port Elizabeth, which consisted of Toby Joes’, Tequila Sunrise and Einstein’s, these were all run simultaneously and were all highly successful. He managed a staff compliment of 150 and the combined capacity of these establishments totaled to 2300 people, he has the ability to take functions from inception to completion stage with ease.

Warren has also simultaneously run some iconic establishments in Gauteng and KZN area, namely TSG 4 Ways Mediterranean Grill Café, Joe Cools, The Cradle Conference and Function Venue, Miguel’s Mediterranean Grill and Calisto’s Umhlanga, these were also run simultaneously and were highly successful with a staff compliment of around 450 staff members and the combined capacity of these establishments totaled to around 4500 people.

  • TGI Fridays – Welkom – Orange Free State – Joint Owner

  • Utopia – Port Elizabeth – Eastern Cape – Sole Owner

  • Einstein’s – Port Elizabeth – Eastern Cape – Joint Owner

  • Tequila Sunrise – Port Elizabeth – Eastern Cape – Joint Owner

  • Toby Joe’s – Port Elizabeth – Eastern Cape – Joint Owner

  • Phantasia Promotions – Port Elizabeth – Eastern Cape – Joint Owner

  • TSG 4 Ways Mediterranean Grill Café – Fourways – Gauteng – Sole Owner

  • Joe Cools’ – Durban – Sole Owner

  • The Cradle Conference and Function Venue – Sole Owner

  • Miguel’s Mediterranean Grill Café – Joint Venture

  • Calisto’s Umhlanga – Joint Venture

  • Trio Modern Mediterranean – Welkom – Joint Venture

Above are some of the establishments that have been owned and operated by Warren Basel himself, all with great success. Besides what has been owned and operated by Warren himself, he consults on all aspects of business, marketing and business development to various institutions from conceptual stage to implementation stage and beyond.

Warren has owned and runs, Phantasia Consulting which is a full turn key consulting company, looking at all aspects of the business from media, advertising, marketing, operations, systems, cost savings, brand development to name but a few.

Warren also has a specialist function in Financial Management and is able to assist clients with Turnkey Financial Services and Solutions.

  • Bond Origination

  • Debt Consolidation

  • Financial Planning

  • Business Finance Solutions

  • Personal Finance Solutions

  • Investments – Local & Offshore

  • Insurance

  • Estate Planning

  • Asset Protection

  • Wealth Creation

Warren also has experience in Franchise Development and management and is able to assist clients with the set up and development of their franchise, two of these ventures that are currently under management are:
  • The PlayLab

  • Pizza ILMonde

Myrna Brauns

Myrna holds an MBA (Master of Business Administration) from WITS Business School and a Chartered Marketing CM (SA) designation from The Marketing Association of South Africa. She also holds a number of additional post graduate qualifications from reputable Universities and Institutions.

She has over 20 years’ experience in business and worked for various companies across a few industries in various capacities.

  • South African Breweries (Specialised Business Unit Rep & Market Analyst)

  • Nike SA – (KAM and Brand Merchandise Manager)

  • Percolate (Pty) Ltd (Management Consultant)

  • Rema Tip Top Group (Group Director)

  • MISL & Wrenjos Consulting (Management Consulting)

Myrna holds various accreditation’s and affiliations with institutions
  • Accredited Leadership Coach for WITS Business School

  • Member of the Institute of Directors (IODSA) who are responsible for continuous Director Education and Mentorship.

  • Accredited Enneagram Coach for Integrative Enneagram

  • An accredited Purposeful Team’s facilitator for Worldsview Academy

  • I am an Accredited Facilitator, Assessor and Moderator for SAQA.

  • I am an Assessor and Advisor for the Marketing Association of South Africa

  • I am an Accredited Assessor for the various Learnerships under Services Seta

I am an Accredited Assessor for the following Learnerships under Services Seta:
  • Further Education and Training Certificate: Marketing (67464) NQF Level 4

  • Further Education and Training Certificate: New Venture Creation (66249) NQF Level 4

  • National Certificate: Business Administration Services (23833) NQF Level 2

  • Further Education and Training Certificate: Generic Management: Leadership (57712) NQF Level 4

  • Further Education and Training Certificate: Generic Management: Administration (57712) NQF Level 4

  • Further Education & Training Certificate: Labor Relations Practice Unit Standard: 74570 NQF Level 6

Myrna is a specialist in Organizational Design and Development and Change Management and assists organisations in this regard.

Kirsty Wright

Kirsty Wright holds a National Certificate of Advertising and Digital Marketing.  She has over 10 years experience in the digital field.  Some of her top clients include:
  • JBL South Africa

  • Marshall South Africa

  • The PlayLab

  • Vocalise Life

  • Connoisseur Electronics

  • Sunshine for the Soul

  • Harman Kardon South Africa

  • WB Financial Solutions

  • Financial Juice

  • Pooch and Purr Lovers

  • Soap Stuff

Kirsty also holds certificates in various fields:
  • Sports Performance Therapy & Nutrition

  • Advanced Orthopaedic & Sports Performance Therapy

  • Leadership Skills in Business Certificate

  • Operations Management Diploma

  • Project Management Diploma

  • Paramedical Skin Care Aesthetics

Why Us?

We are a creative agency and consultancy for just about any business industry including the Hotel and Restaurant Industry. We offer holistic solutions for the creation, design development, implementation and promotion of lifestyle-driven concepts for shops, restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels and resorts. We create and design every element of a concept, all the way from development to inception. In addition, we are business consultants that create concept narratives and their brand experience elements, formulating identity, form and function principles while directing third-party delivery on behalf of owners, operators and developers. We work in cooperation with numerous international architectural practices, providing synergy and added value in the smallest details to maximize market penetration, competitive advantage and return on investment.

Restaurant turn around or creation is not just about a new menu, new look and feel. It is also about solving operating issues that can cause significant revenue problems. We at Phantasia Consultancy offer full financial management, from business plans to site feasibility studies, daily cash flow management, procurement management and payroll. Our team of financial managers get your business back on the right track with daily reporting that give you the information you need to make the right decisions.

We are a full-service consultancy with years of experience in the kitchen, as well as in helping start-ups and existing companies to optimize their service or product. From hotels and restaurants to the development of new food or beverage products, we consider each project as special and collaborate with the client to find the most realistic and productive plan to suit them. Menu upgrades, menu transformations and menu development are just a few of our specialities.

When creating a restaurant concept, we find the golden middle between an idea that inspires you, and a concept that can work well for you from a financial and strategic perspective, saving you lots of money and time. Looking to open a restaurant, add a bit of pizzazz to an existing one, creating a new concept or to roll out a multi-unit concept we are able to put this plan into action.

Our Approach

  • Concept and Brand Development – whether looking at a new concept or tweaking a new concept, we look at all facets and establish the strength, viability and SWOT analysis of the concept and brand. Once the concept and brand meets a viable model on all levels, then the progression to the next level.

  • Concept Development and Consultation – as there a many factors to consider to place the existing brand or a new brand into the marketplace, the procedures we follow are extensive and we consider and action the following, feasibility study, business planning, cash flow analysis, profitability analysis, business planning, location sourcing, food and beverage development, retail look and feel, strategy planning, system development and a full market analysis.

  • Branding and Design Development – establishment of what look and feel of the  brand would like to portray to the target market by designing and setting a specific identity for the brand, namely concept branding, brand identity, website design, marketing collateral, packaging design, uniform design, interior design, brand upliftment

  • Competitor Analysis – we look at what is currently being offered in the market to what the consumer actually wants. Assess competitor’s product offerings along with site placement, we strategically design and conceptualize a fresh brand. We then create a unique offering focusing on look, feel, product offering, price, quality and enhanced marketing strategies thereby having an edge over the competition.

  • Marketing Communications – designing a full marketing strategy encapsulating, social media, websites, PR, digital, photography, videography, loyalty programs, community based marketing and local consumer database mining. A reinforced marketing plan coupled with digital, print social media and radio roll out plan, with sponsored advertising and editorials in the local media to create brand awareness with the local community.

  • Procurement and Supply Chain Solutions – setting a format for procurement and supply chain preferred suppliers concentrating on quality and pricing for the brand by contracting and tendering, cost management advisory, supplier networking, uniform manufacturing, operational supplies, it and hosting services, point of sales services, packaging manufacturing and accessories supply.

  • Signage – design and development of effective signage solutions are imperative to portray the brand look and feel to entice customers to be drawn into the establishment.

  • Location Sourcing – in our opinion this must be the most strategic part of the whole planning and roll out process. Location sourcing, needs to match the brand and the consumer demographics that the brand is designed for. Many factors are considered, examples being, rental, visibility, accessibility etc.

  • Interior Design – the look and feel of the brand are imperative to the interior design planning process as to create the ambience, atmosphere and energy of the brand while the customers are frequently the venue. This is to ensure a memorable dining experience through décor. Our approach is slightly alternative as we believe that hospitality is more inclined towards “show business”.

  • Exterior Design – as most concentrate only on interior design, with tactful planning exterior design is paramount as to entice the passing clientele into the store and to portray a positive mindset before the actual dining experience. We look at strategic ways to place signage, lighting and various eye-catching structures to create the flow into the store.

  • Store Set Up – store setup is equally important as interior and exterior design, concentrating on the flows of the store to ensure staff and clients feel comfortable and to portray the “Welcome Home” feeling. While considering operational aspects and efficiency of the store.

  • Food and Beverage Development – taking into account this is the actual reason why the customer has ultimately chosen the establishment, so to ensure they have a balanced experience encapsulating price, quality, choice, cleanliness and presentation. The ultimate goal here is to give the customer flexibility and choices, to make them feel that they have created their own menu. The balance between portion size, taste, presentation and value for money is what keeps the flow of customers coming back.

  • Operational Procedures – with clearly defined and implemented operational procedures is what paves the way for consistent service and quality as well as content customers and staff.

  • Staff Selection and Screening – the staff of the establishment need to be clearly hand picked and screened to ensure they share the same vision and mission of the brand. Although all other aspects are important, the realization needs to be addressed that the staff are the main contributing factor to the brand as they are the brand ambassadors in every aspect and interacting with the customers. One of our unique traits is the able to get the full staff complement to operate in a synergy and as a TEAM, which creates a fantastic working environment which flows over both to the staff member and the customer.

  • Training and Implementation – well trained and educated staff and continuous upliftment of skills and knowledge are paramount as to raise staff morales and confidence levels of the staff. A properly trained staff member is going to portray a positive and professional approach to the customer to create a memorable dining experience. Training manuals and procedures are important and a fantastic guideline but the practical implementation is what defines a fantastic front of house experience for the customer. The Med Mediterranean Kitchen has a flawless formula to implement this and has been one of the unique recipes of success to date.

  • Sponsorships – always looking for marketing opportunities, collaborations and instrumental ways to save on costs, we look at synergies with various brands and suppliers for contribution whether it be in cash, stock or marketing contribution to assist with brand development and marketing. Sponsorships and collaborations with other reputable and establishment brands also assist with trusted brand awareness of your own brand.

  • Events and Promotions – to keep the brand dynamic, fresh and happening, we believe you need to surpass the normal day to day activities of food and service delivery. With carefully expedited events and promotions, the brand is able to keep the excitement and momentum of the targeted clientele interests high and enables the brand itself to develop as opposed to the product being sold. With continuous events and promotions, the brand itself with become top of the customers mind and pen-ultimately build the brand to become a household name. A fantastic case study being, Nando’s.

  • Brand Activation – while most establishments focus on a brand activation only in the beginning stages, we adopt a continuous brand activation approach to ensure the brand we are working with stays on top of the customers mind and coupled with reinforced marketing techniques, over time ensures a fantastic goodwill with customers.

  • Ongoing Performance Levels – paramount to the continuity of the brand, bench-marking and evaluating performance levels continuously are imperative and ensure a memorable dining experience for customers. These performance levels are not limited to only staff performance levels but rather to all facets of the operation.

  • Continuous Product Development – customers these days are spoilt for choice and where most brands only look into menu choice and service offering intermittently we adopt a very dynamic approach and continuously look at the market and implement new fresh unique products to keep the customers excited about the dining experience.




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